I am the girl hidden in the shadows is about expressing a side of your life that is and will always be secret. Everything here is mine. :) I am 16. I live in the Peach State.I love photography and poetry. Currently 296 people are hiding in the shadows. Creative Commons License


Black and White

Every where I turn

I’m reminded of the days

The times I told myself never happened

The moments I wish I could forget

And the scars that I try to cover up

I put on a strong front

In the hopes of not being questioned

The walls keep me barricaded in

But safe from the destruction

Secure from the torture of my past

My Slow Comeback

With one punch

I was knocked out

A straight blow

To my heart

It sent me away

A loss of vision

Clueless and delusional

A tired to stand up

But fell once again

Into your trap

You haven’t changed

And nor will you ever 

At least not for me

Maybe you’ll meet the girl

That you’re willing

To truly change for

But I am no longer

Pretending that I am her


we have our check lists

requirements for love

because only prince charming

can make me happy

just him and him alone

for I am a princess

the one, and the only


an overwhelming

emotion like no other

shared for all to have

new pages

make for more room

for more tears

different experiences

longer trails

a few more broken hearts

living and enjoying

screaming and whispering

loving and heartbreak

words and languages

all mean nothing

to me without you


Intensely dark

Like a cat in the night

Ready to bounce

I felt vulnerable

Numb and frozen

Lost and puzzle

I was the prey

And you were hungry

Ready set attack 

Gone it a spilt second

Dead but breathing

Totally unaware

Of what even occurred

I broke I broke down

Everyway possible

Emotional Physically

And Mentally

Nothing could of

Prepared me

It happen

And I am changed

Bare and raw

Like an open wound

A word misused

In society, everyday

For it, what I am now

Who I am now

A victim, no name

No story and no future

andiwontknow-deactivated2014022 asked
thank you for liking my writing (:

It’s what writers do to other writers. :)

Those Three Words

i dreamed of this conversation

so many times, that i’ve lost count

it happened, i said the words

and you replied, and it was it

although the moment wasn’t perfect

the miles between us doesn’t changed

what we said last night

it was the beginning of another conversation

one that will end with those three words

i love you instead of i miss you

Birthday Candles


the day of my dreams

the hopefuls 

of you and me

a time in bliss

and a moment of love

all in the magical

land of tomorrow

The Experience of Living

forget about the past

leave your troubles

at the doorstep

as you begin you adventure

live and explore

discover new traits

and make new friends

try odd foods

and do something 

you would never approve of

Anonymous asked
Hey, are you okay? Haven't seen you in a while.

Yeah I’ve actually been doing great, and actually truly living for once instead of hiding behind a keyboard all day long. And thanks anonymous for asking, it always feels good when someone out there actually cares about you. :)


Today I saw a movie

It was so good

That I wish I never saw it

For now I want to read the book

As if it was the first time

A story so gripping

I wanted to forget it all

A moment I wanted to relive

A repeat over and over again

My History

I try to say the words

But I feel like they’ve 

Already been said

I try to do my best

But the bar appears

To be as high as it goes

I try to be unique

But end up appearing

Like a total stranger

Sometimes I wish

I just couldn’t try

Synchronized Beating

Within two beats my heart sank

To the darkest depths of the ocean

And all of I sudden I was back

I was happy and then I was sad 

The realization of how lucky I was

And the sadness that I pushed you away

The fear of falling overpowered the falling in love

I sat silently, crying remembering the good

And realizing there was no bad 

Just my nightmares and broken heart relapses

The chorus, it hit me like mavericks 

And there I was bare, alone and lost

For my conscience was my guide

But some how my heart always points to you

North to your heart directly two inches above mine

And two years in the past